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The IP address is everything for the router and other networking devices. You need to use the IP address for setup the setting. You need to login the router and setup WI-FI connection as well as setup internet connectivity. If you want to setup security for your router, then you need to use that IP address. Different devices use different IP address and some routers use 1292.168.0.1 IP address for TP-link, Arris, D-Link and Netgear router models. The IP address has some more use and for the TP-link, Arris, D-Link and Netgear routers, you have to use IP address. If you want to check the connectivity of the router, you have to use the IP address with the Ping. Ping command is used for checking connection between computer and router. You can use a ping “ping”and continuous ping command “ping -t”. The default IP address is used with the device and if you want to check the connection, then you have to use that IP address with the ping.
Experts prefer to use continuous ping for all of the networking devices. Because a ping command cannot do the same work of continuous ping where continuous ping can do “a ping” command. For the TP-link, Arris, D-Link and Netgear routers, you need to use IP address with ping. You can use “ping -t”. With the continuous ping “ping -t”, you will get continuous result of every second. So, you can identify the report easily. If you use “ping”, then you have to use the command again and again. You do not need to use lose time. You just use continuous ping “ping -t” and get updated result continuously. In every second, you will get a result and when you pause or cancel the process, then you will get summery. From the summery, you can understand the problem and look for the solution. Different types problem may occur in router and you can easily identify the problem with ping command. If you find any device like printer and server with the same IP address, then you can apply same “ping -t” command for understanding the problem.
For applying the “ping -t” command, you need to start Command prompt page. For starting the page, you have to click from the start menu and now click on the “Run” button. On Run box put “CMD” and hit enter. The Command prompt screen will run. You can run Command prompt (admin) from the start menu. On the page, you can use “ping -t” command. However, if you want to ensure the correct IP address of the router, then you need to use “ipconfig” command. From the page, you will see default gateway and use that IP address for the ping command. However, you can post “ping -t” command on the screen and hit enter button. Then the command will start and it does not stop auto until the program crashes or someone forces to stop the command.
The process will continue with the continuous ping command and this command “ping -t” will not be stopped. You can stop the process of continuous command by pressing CTL + C or you can press CTL + Break. By pressing CTL + C, you can cancel the command. So, the continuous process will be stopped and it will produce a summery. The process will not go further. When you press CTL + Break, then the process will be stopped for a while or for a second, then it will produce a summery and then the will start again. You can press CTL + Break anytime for getting summery in middle of the process. Now the process will continue again.
Continuous ping “ -t” shows different results and one type of result shows in every second and another type of result shows as summery. In every second, you may get “Reply form bytes=, time = TTL=”, “Request timed out” and “…. Unreachable host” message. All of the those have different meaning. The message “Reply form bytes=, time = TTL=” shows the connection stability between computer and router. Status of the router with IP address is ok. “Request timed out” indicates that the connection is not stable and it has problem in the connection. In this case, you need to check connection and check hardware. “…. Unreachable host” message shows hardware problem. The ping command cannot identify the router of IP address You should check the router in another computer for identify the problem.
Summery shows different types of reports. You may get sent, received and lost. Send and received report shows the connection and amount of sending and receiving data. Computer send 4 packets data and the router receives and send. Usually, the amount of data sent and received are same amount. Lost data is 0% and it means that there is no connection problem. If you see 100% Lost, it means that there must be a connection problem. You need to check the connection of router and cable connection. If Lost = 75% or more or less, then the connection is not safe.
With the same commend “ping -t”, you can identify the problem of other networking devices. Make sure that those devices also use same IP address in those devices. You should always use another computer for checking the connection and router. You may get error reply from router, if firewall or an antivirus block the IP address If the IP address is blocked by firewall, then you need unblock the address. Then try the ping command “ping -t” again. Check the whole computer with the updated antivirus and scan the computer. Now try the command “ping -t” again. I think, the problem will be solved quick.
Every router device comes with the router manual and IP address. You need to collect that IP address and read the manual for better understanding the settings and solution of the router. You need the default IP address, username and password for login to the router. The IP address also used for router solution. You have used “ping -t” in the CMD for checking the connection. If you find any problem and you cannot solve it, then you have to take it to vendor store for fixing the problem. However, I think that this article is enough for finding and fixing router and networking devices. You can check the YouTube for video guide. You must love the continuous ping command than a ping. Continuous ping command saves your time.